Porcelain Crowns and Veneers

Porcelain crowns have undergone several stages of evolution since their inception about 30 years ago.  There are currently several different types of porcelain used, depending on the location in the mouth.  Most recently, it has become an option to do all porcelain crowns even on molars, due to the dramatic increase in strength of the materials available.  These materials are comparable in strength to a full metal crown, but with the obvious improved esthetics of a tooth colored porcelain
Porcelain crowns on front teeth have also undergone several advances over the years.  Newer porcelains are able to provide very lifelike transluscency that was previously thought to be impossible.  This transluscency is able to closely mimic the enamel of natural tooth structure and allows crowns on front teeth to be made to appear very natural as compared to earlier generations of crowns
Veneers are also an excellent option in certain cases for restoring front teeth.  The advantage of veneers over a full coverage crown is that less tooth structure needs to be removed, which allows for more conservation of the patient’s existing tooth.  The latest porcelains are able to provide the same transluscency for most veneers of front teeth that creates the same natural appearance as full coverage crowns
My office offers a complementary consultation for any cosmetic case which involves restoring the patients front teeth, including the ability to preview for the patient what the final result will look like.